We know that goals are powerful what they want to quote Tony Robbins or Jack Canfield or even spiritual teacher whatever source you want to go to, we all know there is great power in having clear specific goals that can help guide your life. Now there’s a few ways that we can get snagged if our goals are not set up in the right way to support our success. We are sharing here these 5 tips to make sure that your goals are in alignment with these concepts to help set you up to be successful to achieve your goals faster more effectively and with a lot more fun and joy than perhaps what you’re currently experiencing.

Let’s break the Ice First:

So when you think about setting goals, how do you feel exactly? Do you feel excited or sort of heavy? Is it something you believe in or even what we call emotional scar tissue maybe you have been through something terrible in the past and didn’t achieve them so now there’s kind of some scar tissue there emotionally about re-engaging into it again. We know again goals are powerful and here is one simple statistic for those of you reading that you want success, you want to increase your income it’s been proven time and time again.

One specific study comes from a gentleman named Dave Cole out of Virginia Tech university. In this study is they observe different people with goals those that had goals in writing versus goals that maybe you just thought about. Ironically, people who were in the habit of regularly writing their goals down that means not just thinking or speaking but committing pen to paper or putting in writing on your laptop. People that regularly write their goals down on it average of 9 times more over the course of their lifetimes are more likely to achieve them all. For sure, that’s a great incentive as it is right but I think there’s something that happens when we actually put our goals in writing.

Prepare Mentally Before Implementing Tips

It’s been said that all things are created twice one spiritually or mentally and second that’s physically so as you start putting your goals in writing, you’re actually like a life architect. It’s as good as you are mapping out the blueprint to create the outcomes of the life that you’re consciously building. So let’s dig into 5 amazing tips on how you can achieve your goals;

Tip #1: Clear and Specific

In order to accomplish your goals, it’s important to have them written in a manner that is clear and specific. Just think of the analogy when you’re ordering food at a restaurant. If you walk into a restaurant and simply said Hey I’m hungry bring me some food. For sure, it’s pretty vague that would produce vague results. So if you want to increase the chances to achieve your goals, you need to be really clear and specific.

At the base of your brain stem, there is a reticular activating system that helps us filter a ton of information. Just like now there’s a lot of information all around that you may not even be aware as because you’re focused into this piece of content. But that reticular activating system helps us filter in. If you were to set a goal that sounds like ‘I’d like a new car’. Well, you’re clear you want a new vehicle that sounds a bit closer to when your ordered food at a restaurant and said ‘I’d like to eat’. Conversely, your idea is more likely to be clear when you say that ‘I want that Porsche Carrera 911 cherry red’ so that can relate more to being specific and clear of what you exactly want. Precisely, clarity is the beginning of creation and it’s an important step that must not be missed at any cost.

Tip #2: Measurable

Going along with Clarence specific, just figure out that is it measurable? Let’s talk about one of the most popular Goal that a bazillion are just roaming around of its willingness and doing nothing about it and that’s none other than health. Let’s say that you want to be 20 pounds lighter. Rather than just saying that you want to lose some weight or willing to be healthy, it’s better to write that I want to lose this like 20 pounds by this date. Well, it can be quite elaborative just like you can measure it like the body fat percentage or even the time you spend in running daily.

Let’s pan the lens a bit and check this out in the financial context. For those of you who are either job oriented individuals or entrepreneurs, it’s important to figure out whether your goals are measurable or not. Rather than saying I want to get paid more by the end of this year, it’s better so say that I want to reach the XYZ Pay Scale by the end of this year. Same goes with the entrepreneurs but this would go with the profit and conversion rate.

Tip #3: Eye On Your Why

That’s exactly where the motivation is. You just need to brainstorm that whether your motivation is defined or not. If you are clear about your why, it’s truly a fuel that keeps on pushing you towards your goals until and unless you achieve it. For instance, an individual suffering from some disease at the age of 45 is willing to get healthier. He is supposed to work hard on it like daily medication, exercise, and therapies. But doing this on the daily basis is not easy for sure.

One needs a true motivation in order to keep up with it. So where is that WHY, what’s exactly going to motivate him? Maybe a good answer to that why can be I want to see my kids getting married and willing to play with my grandchildren. Well, that makes sense as it’s very much attached to the family and happier life. So just keep an eye on your why and have it defined for yourself.

Tip #4: More Toward Achieving

This one is even juicier and igniting that drives you towards what you want more towards achieving. You need to realize that most of your brain is subconscious. So much of what you’re doing every single day is just down on auto pilot just like right driving your car, cooking food, getting showered and the variety of different things are done on just a subconscious level. So you need to become aware of what you want versus what you don’t want.

Keeping things into writing like I want to lose 20 pounds or I want to make 10,000 pounds is going to work until and unless you have that true light in you. Therefore, it’s more important so see if you feel alive and excite about whatever you are up to. Just writing down the numbers won’t work unless you have that determination and motivation within you.

Tip #5: Accountability

This will surely help you increase your success. Some great entrepreneur said, “Accountability, not ability determines your results”.  Every single one of you does have the ability and enough knowledge to achieve your life goals but the miracles happen on what we take action upon. It’s better to get yourself off the hook and stop thinking about the goals of your boss or project manager and start focusing on your goals so that you can take action for them. This can only happen if you control your emotion.

Experts believe that if you master your emotion, you can create anything you want in life. For sure, it’s a difficult task but if you learn to master it, you are on your way to the accomplishing goals and achieving the success that you want.

In a nutshell, these five tips will help you accomplish your dreams and goals so just stop thinking and start doing.

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